All to Jesus I Surrender!

By Missy Eversole / April 16, 2020 /
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“I surrender all, I surrender all. All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.” As I was working in my office on Monday evening, I heard the sweet lyrics to this song being sung from Grant’s room. For the past three and a half years, this song has been sung by my son and…

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Get Used to Different – A Review of the Series “The Chosen”

By Missy Eversole / March 17, 2020 /

Are you tired of binge-watching Netflix or Disney+ during this self-quarantine time? Here is my review of a new show to watch – one that will change your life and give you a new perspective on the apostles and followers of Jesus. I have to confess that I am not the type that will binge-watch…

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Preparing Your Heart for Christmas

By Missy Eversole / October 22, 2019 /

“Why is she blogging about Christmas when it’s a little over two months away?” you may be asking yourself. Because while our lives are crazy busy now, it will get worse as we head toward Christmas! The decorations. The baking. The shopping. The Hallmark Christmas movies (they start on Friday, by the way!). The family. The…

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The Bible and the Stream

By Missy Eversole / September 17, 2019 /

We take so much for granted here in the United States. We have the necessities such as food, shelter, and clothes. But we also have additional “luxury” items such as phones, the internet, and computers. Somewhere, in a third world country, a mom is making very little to provide for her family of four.  She…

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It’s Time for Some Silence and Solitude, Mom!

By Missy Eversole / August 20, 2019 /
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You did it, mom! Your children are back to school and back to a routine. Take a deep breath, because you deserve it! Go ahead, do it! Breath in, And let it out… Now, doesn’t that feel better? You’ve done y0ur job getting the children back to school; now it’s time to focus on you!…

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I AM the True Vine

By Missy Eversole / April 30, 2019 /

*Today, we conclude the “I AM” blog series. For the last two months, we have focused on the seven “I AM” statements that Jesus spoke throughout the Gospel of John. If you haven’t read that book of the Bible from the beginning to the end, I encourage you to read it and see just how…

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You Are Chosen!

By Missy Eversole / April 26, 2019 /

As we close out the “You Are” series, I pray that you know who you are in the eyes of God! You are: Loved Redeemed Free Forgiven and Chosen! Yes, dear friends, the Lord chose you! He loves you, and He has chosen you to further His kingdom.     You Are Chosen The ESV…

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Day 7 of Holy Week – Silent Saturday

By Missy Eversole / April 20, 2019 /

As we finish out Holy Week on this Silent Saturday, it’s a great time to reflect on what happened yesterday, and what is to come tomorrow. The Guards at the Tomb The Gospel of Matthew is the only given account of what happened on Saturday. While Jesus’s family and friends were still recovering from the…

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Day 6 of Holy Week – Good Friday – It is FINISHED

By Missy Eversole / April 19, 2019 /

What is so good about Good Friday? Shouldn’t it be called, dark Friday? What is “good” about our Savior dying on the cross? Because of His death, our sins are washed away, and we have eternal life! This is what makes today, Good Friday. Six Trials The religious leaders were dead set on crucifying Jesus…

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Day 4 of Holy Week – The Betrayal is Set

By Missy Eversole / April 17, 2019 /

Oh, Judas, what was going through your mind? You were part of Jesus’ inner circle of disciples, hand-picked by the Savior, Himself. Did you not believe that Jesus was the Messiah? Did you not believe the words that Jesus had spoken? Did you not see the miracles He performed? Today is day four of Holy…

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