All to Jesus I Surrender!

“I surrender all,
I surrender all.
All to Thee, my blessed Savior,
I surrender all.”

As I was working in my office on Monday evening, I heard the sweet lyrics to this song being sung from Grant’s room.

For the past three and a half years, this song has been sung by my son and his drama friends. During practices and before the start of each show, the cast and crew would come together and worship Jesus.

Grant and the rest of the cast were in the middle of preparing for “Titanic” when everything hit with COVID-19. The show scheduled for next week has been pushed back until further notice.

He was on a Zoom meeting when I heard him sing that song, and it brought tears to my eyes, and a thought occurred to me.

What was stopping me from surrendering all to Jesus?

Struggling to Make Sense of It All

Holy Week and Easter came and went without any extra effort on my part to celebrate it. I plan my blog and Instagram posts months in advance, and my Holy Week plan was to post a devotional each day. I wrote them, but I never posted them. I’m sure the enemy believes that this was a victory for him.

Fear has undoubtedly overtaken me these past few weeks and made me question if God even hears my prayers. Can I even trust God in this whole situation? And I’m sure, once again, that the enemy believes that this was a victory for him.

As a small group leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, we started “Dangerous Prayers” by Craig Groeschel on April 6th. I’ve highlighted and underlined numerous sentences in this book, and the one that stuck out to me the most was, “What we fear the most often reveals where we trust God the least.” page 40.

Ouch! As much as that hurts, it’s true.

Not So Fast!

Thankfully, the Lord is a patient and loving Father. It’s ok to fear the unknown as long as it doesn’t overtake us. God is still in control. He is the same God to us as He was to Abraham, Isaac, David, and Moses. He will never leave our side.

Are you going through the same waves of fear that I am going through? Are you having a hard time surrendering all to Jesus? If you are, you aren’t alone.

While the enemy may believe these are victories for him, he knows it’s only a matter of time before we surrender all to Jesus!

Jesus triumphed over the grave. Eternal life is secured. Death has been defeated.

That is something to celebrate and surrender all our fears to Jesus!


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