Welcome, 2019-2020 School Year!

Just in case you couldn’t tell from the television commercials, social media posts and the aisle upon aisle of school supplies at Target; we are in the thrust of “Back to School” season.

The days of summer vacation in the Eversole household is dwindling down to single digits.

Two days to be exact.

Two days before we face the “last firsts.”

Last first day of school.

And this mom is struggling with it — big time.

I Thought I Was Prepared for This Day!

Since the end of the last school year, I have been praying to prepare my heart and emotions for Grant’s senior year of high school.

And it had been going great until last Friday when I came across some photos on my computer. Looking back from the computer screen were two of the biggest, brownest eyes I have ever seen.

And the tears began to flow, and it wasn’t a soft-subtle cry. It was a full-on, hysterical, gasping-for-air cry.

A cry that I needed to have.


In some ways, I am grieving over the loss of my parenting years. Yes, Grant is still a minor and is still in our care, but he is also starting to make decisions about his future. While Craig and I can offer suggestions, guidance, and prayers (LOT OF PRAYERS!), it’s entirely his choice on where to attend college and what to major in.

Learning to be quiet and listen is something that I need to work on. This isn’t going to be a smooth transaction going from a parent who parents; to a parent who needs to watch their child make decisions on what is best for their own life.

Thankfully, I know that I will not be going through this alone!

Philippians 4:13

Jesus is with us every step of the way!

God is giving us the strength to do what He had called us to do; raise Grant in a Christ-centered home and school, and prepare and equip him for the world outside of our home.

Whew! This is no easy task, but having Christ in the center of it all, we will be just fine!

Yes, there will be tears shed, memories made, and photos snapped; but I need to focus on the present, offer advice when asked and pray fervently.

I Am Praying for You!

No matter what season of life you are, whether it’s sending your child off to Kindergarten or to college for their freshman year, we are all in this together! If you need prayer, please email me at missy@missyeversole.com or post in the comments below. You got this, mom!

Welcome, 2019-2020 School Year! Let’s do this!










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