The Purpose of the Lord Will Prevail!

A few months after our second son was born, a sweet elderly lady at a church potluck commented, “You are blessed with two boys, in their teenage years, they will eat a lot, and you won’t have any drama as you would have with teenage girls!”

I chuckled and nodded at the comment while trying to wrangle my toddler and feed my newborn,

I was exhausted from late-night feedings, and I didn’t want to discuss my sons teenage years; at the point in my life, raising teenagers was “ions away!”

Fast-forward 17 years, and we are currently in the “ions away” stage of life.

My sweet elderly friend was right about teenage boys eating a lot, but completely missed the mark by stating that boys wouldn’t have drama in their lives!

Late-Night Chats

The number one thing I have learned about teenage boys is that they will talk when they want to, and not a minute before.

This is what our every day, after school conversations consists of:

Mom: “How was your day?”

Teenage son, “Ok.”

Mom: “Anything exciting happened at school?”

Teenage son: “Nope.”

And off they go, to forge in the kitchen, grab some food and have a few minutes of downtime before the marathon of homework begins.

Fast-forward to 10:30 PM

The homework is done, dinner has been inhaled, and this exhausted mom is ready for bed! But something miraculous happens the minute my hand hits the light switch, one of my teenage sons appears in the doorway, plops down on my bed and starts chatting away.

Yes, it’s going to be another late night with minimal sleep, but I have come to realize, I can sleep after they leave the nest; now is the time that I need to be awake and listen to them, no matter how late it gets!

Drama, Drama, Drama!

If anyone believes that boys don’t have drama in their lives, they are sorely mistaken. While circumstances may not affect them like it does girls, boys will process it differently.

For the past two weeks, an issue has come up that has been working on one of my boys. This particular night, he laid it all out to me. The stress of school and other peoples actions caused my son to reach a breaking point.

After talking it over, he shared with me something that I will never forget; a simple, but powerful Bible verse.

In Bible class, they had been reading through the Book of Proverbs. With excitement in his voice, he said one of the verses stuck out to him. It was Proverbs 19:21.


His eyes lit up as he explained that whatever drama was going on around him; he wasn’t going to concern himself with it anymore. He had wasted enough time, energy and thoughts into trying to work out the perfect solution to this conflict and in the end, he realized that only if it’s the Lord’s purpose, would the situation prevail.

I also learned something from that late-night talk; God uses our children to do His work. Not only did my son need to encounter that verse, but so did I.

How many times have I stewed over a problem? Or tried to control a situation that was out of my hands? Too many times!

Here’s the truth, the Lord’s purpose in your life will always prevail. We can fret over something, and if it doesn’t align with the will of God in your life, it’s not going to happen.

The next time you are in the throes of drama, remember to always pray for a solution. Remember that it’s out of your control. Remember that “many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”




  1. Chantel Jones on September 11, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Love this. Great reminder and what a great Truth for a young person to cling to. (On a side note, I was just telling someone the other day “make the time when your boys want to talk – it will always be at inopportune moments and usually at midnight” – ha!)

    • Missy Eversole on September 16, 2019 at 9:15 am

      Thanks for your comment, Chantel!

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