Experiencing Peace this Holiday Season

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend.

With the high of 70 degrees and a warm breeze coming through the open windows, I took my time fluffing the tree out, setting up the nativity scene, and humming to the Christmas music flowing from my Bluetooth speakers. I’m sure our neighbors thought that we were crazy, and that’s ok.

This was the earliest that we have ever put up our Christmas decorations. And I will never forget the date because it was on our son’s 17th birthday. What a day to remember!

Truth be told, I needed a little extra Christmas cheer. The heaviness of the past year weighs heavily on my heart. I feel like I am entering a new season of grief as my family and I come upon the one year passing of my brother and dad.

Most of my Christmas decorations were those that were passed down to me from my childhood. Reminiscing of past Christmases, family time took center stage. As we enter the holiday season of 2020, the one question on everyone’s mind is, will we be able to see our extended families?


Not Your Normal Holiday Season

In a normal holiday season, live our lives at break-neck speed.

From shopping to gathering with friends and family.

From overeating on fantastic food to laughing hysterically.

From school and church programs to finals and end of the year school projects. Our calendars are full, and we lose sight of the holidays’ true meaning in the midst of it all.

As we look at the coming weeks ahead, one thing is for certain, it will be a holiday season, unlike anything we have ever experienced.

Experiencing Peace this Holiday Season

As humans, we normally do not like changes. We like to stick to traditions, and we have a hard time adapting to change. Or maybe that’s just me. Instead of focusing on the traditions that may not happen this year, I’m redirecting my focus on the real reason for the season and asking myself these questions:

What if this is the year to slow down and focus more on Christ and my family?

What if this is the year that instead of spending money on gifts for our family, we give to another family in need?

What if this is the year that we focus on our blessings and thank God for His faithfulness?

What if this is the year we are the light of Christ to others around us?

What if we experience the peace of Christ this Christmas season?

We have the chance to make new traditions, to slow down and focus on Christ. Let’s make the best of this situation and focus on the real reason for the season. Our loving Savior stepped down from His throne to take the form of a human, to redeem us from our sins and give us eternal life with Him.

If we focus on Christ, Himself, Christmas 2020 will bring us peace amid the chaos surrounding us.

Will you join me in focusing on Christ this holiday season? Let’s experience peace this holiday season together!

November is here, and it’s time to reflect on the blessings the Lord has given us throughout 2020. Yes, despite what this year has brought us, we can still count our blessings. Click here to download this resource.

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