An Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to November friends!

It’s the month to reflect on thankfulness and family!

The November has brought or will bring a college visit, a 16th birthday, a new teenage driver, a drama production, deer hunting, Thanksgiving, and decorating the house for Christmas. Wow! I am exhausted just looking at that list!

This year, though, instead of looking at that list in with trepidation, I am going to be thankful for each of them.

  1. College visit. Our son, Grant, applied and was accepted into his top college choice – Baylor University. This past weekend, we took a quick trip down there for a scholarship event and to gain additional information about the school. Why I am thankful: The Lord has gifted Grant with academic skills that will lead to scholarships to attend the top school of his choice.
  2. A 16th Birthday and a new teenage driver. Our youngest son, Connor, turns sixteen on Thursday and will be getting his license next week. Why I am thankful: The Lord has made Connor a strong, kind, sensitive, and independent young man. He is well prepared to drive, and I know that he will be cautious behind the wheel. I will miss our time and conversations in the car together, but it’s time for Connor to start to spread his wings.
  3. Drama Production. Since Grant’s freshman year of high school, he has participated in the school’s fall and spring drama productions. The week before Thanksgiving is a crazy, busy week, but with a lot of prayer and caffeine, we get through it. Why I am thankful: The Lord gave Grant the ability to sing and perform. Grant is an introvert, so him up there on the stage, brings a tear to my eye. He steps out of his comfort zone and gives it his all.
  4. Deer Hunting – If you ask Connor what his dream job would be, it would be sitting in a tree stand, seven days a week. He lives for hunting and fishing. Why I am thankful: The Lord has given Connor the gift of providing food for our family. I love seeing the freezer full of deer burgers, steaks, and summer sausage.
  5. Thanksgiving – What better way to reflect on the past year, than with thankfulness in what the Lord has done for us? Why I am thankful: The Lord has given me a family to nurture and love — yes, they drive me crazy at times, but they are mine!
  6. Christmas Decorations- I love to decorate our house in preparation for Christmas! And sometimes, I do it alone. It’s not something my family likes to do, and I am ok with that. It’s all about “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christ-Centered Christmas!” Why I am thankful: I have a warm and cozy house to decorate!

Be Thankful this Month

As we enter into the Thanksgiving season, take a moment and thank God for what you have. The mound of laundry that you tackle daily? Thank God for those clothes. The dirty dishes that never end? Thank God for the food that makes them unclean.

You will be amazed by how the Lord provides for you when you change your perspective on your life! Let’s all make this season an “attitude of gratitude!”




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