26 – Navigating Life’s Storms: Insights on Grief and Healing with Virginia Grounds

26 – Navigating Life’s Storms: Insights on Grief and Healing with Virginia Grounds

Welcome to the latest episode of Bold Faith Now. This week’s guest is author, speaker, and publisher Virginia Grounds. Listen in as Virginia talks about her faith experience, her passion for writing, and the profound lessons she has learned about grief and Bible study. From Virginia’s heartfelt story of finding faith and salvation in her twenties to the influential role that writing has played in her life, we explore the delicate balance of living with boldness and navigating the difficulties of loss and mourning. 

Some highlights of the episode:

  1. Navigating Life’s Storms: Grief and Healing: Virginia talks about the grief of becoming a widow, and Missy opens up about her family losses. Together, they explore the necessity of processing grief for healing, the danger of becoming stuck in sorrow, and the resources, like Dr. H. Norman Wright’s Experiencing Grief, that can offer guidance during such times. 

  2. The Power of Journaling and Bible Study: Virginia shares her lifelong love for poetry and journaling, emphasizing how these practices have influenced her spiritual growth and writing career. Missy and Virginia provide practical advice on integrating Bible study into a busy schedule, encouraging even the smallest step towards engaging with God’s Word.

  3.  Living Boldly for Jesus: Through the power of daily prayer, the readiness to defend one’s faith, and the sheer joy of connecting with God, Missy and Virginia inspire listeners to embrace a life of bold faith. 

Remember, live boldly for Jesus, and let your light shine bright for Him! 

Want to know more about prayer and studying the Bible? 

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Resources Mentioned:

Experiencing Grief by Dr. H. Norman Wright

Guide to Deeper Prayer by Virginia Grounds

Ricky the Racecar by Virginia Grounds

Connect with Virginia:

Website: Virginia Grounds

Publishing Website: Breakthrough Publishing

Facebook: Virginia Grounds

Connect with Missy:

Website: http://www.missyeversole.com

Facebook: MissyEversoleAuthor

Instagram: missyeversole_author

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