25 – Rahab’s Legacy: Lessons in Courage and Redemption with Shadia Hrichi

25 – Rahab’s Legacy: Lessons in Courage and Redemption with Shadia Hrichi

In this episode of Bold Faith Now, Missy and her guest, Shadia Hrichi, discuss the transformative power of God’s Word and the importance of contextual Bible study. Through personal stories and spiritual insights, Shadia guides us on how to refresh our quiet times and deepen our understanding of Scripture. Tune in to rediscover the passion for God’s Word and learn how to cultivate a more intimate relationship with Him.

Some highlights of the episode:

  1. Shadia shares her transformative journey of faith, highlighting the pivotal moments that led her to pursue a master’s in biblical and theological studies. 

  2. In Rahab: Rediscovering the God Who Saves Me, Shadia writes about the former Canaanite prostitute, emphasizing her importance in the grand narrative of the Bible and drawing parallels with other biblical stories. Missy and Shadia discuss the imperfect women like Rahab that God uses powerfully for His purposes, offering hope and inspiration to listeners who may feel unworthy or unloved.

  3. Shadia discusses the vitality of seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible beyond the surface readings. With her practical guide, Seven Ways to Refresh Your Quiet Times in God’s Word, she encourages listeners to explore the text thoroughly, including word studies in Hebrew and Greek, to grasp the original context and meaning.

Remember, live boldly for Jesus, and let your light shine bright for Him! 


Connect with Shadia:

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