Trusting Jesus While Preparing to Move My Son to College in Another State

Three weeks from today, the dynamics in our house will change.

There will be a seat empty at the kitchen table.

There will be only one child to get out the door for school.

The house will be a little quieter without that infectious laugh that I have heard throughout the years.

And if I think about it too much, I start to cry.

The Number One Question I Get From People

These are undoubtedly odd times that we are were living. As we inch closer and closer to my son’s move-in date, the number one question asked is, “Is your son still going to Baylor?

The answer is always yes. Not one time over these past few months have I ever thought otherwise.

Upon hearing my answer, the follow-up question is always, “Do you know that Texas is a hot-spot?” Yes, I know.

I cannot let the fear of the unknown stop my son from continuing to live his life to the fullest.

These past few months, I have been in constant prayer over this, and the Lord has answered it with a simple question for me to answer, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Jesus Heals the Two Blind Men

Recently, I was studying Matthew 9:27-31. In this short, but impactful scripture, Jesus encounters two blind men who had been following Him throughout His journey.

Why were they following Him? Because Jesus was healing the sick, casting out demons, calming the storms, healing the paralytic, and raising the dead. Jesus, the Savior of the world, was performing miracles left and right, and the people were in awe. As His ministry began to grow, more and more people were seeking Jesus for healing. Enter the two blind men.

Matthew 9:27-28 reads: “Have mercy on us, Son of David.” they cried out. When he entered the house, the blind men came to him, and Jesus said to them, Do you believe  (emphasis mine) that I am able to do this?” They said to him, “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus then touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith be it done to you.” And their eyes were open.

What does the healing of two blind men have to do with sending my son off to Texas amidst a pandemic? It’s in the question that Jesus asked. “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Do I believe that Jesus will protect my son and his classmates? Yes, I do.

Do I believe that Baylor and its administration have my son’s best interest at heart? Yes, I do.

Do I put faith over fear and let my son enjoy his freshmen year of college? Yes, I do.

And before anyone emails me, “Are you saying that your faith will protect your son from this illness?” No. What I am saying is that I am handing my fears over to Jesus. I believe in Him, and I believe He can do anything. I know that He will be with my son every step he makes on campus.

 Please Do Not Judge 

As parents are preparing to send their children, especially their first-borns to college, I kindly ask that you do not judge them or me. We are a mixed bag of emotions, and we are living in unusual circumstances. The last thing we need is to face judgment from our peers. In the end, we know what is best for our children. My husband and I have been in prayer over this for months. Instead of judging, please join us in prayer, and not just for the college students, but all students returning to school.

31 Days of Prayer

Beginning August 1st through August 31st, join me on Facebook or Instagram as we pray for our students. Whether they are in-person, e-learning, or homeschooling, let’s lift our children, teachers, and staff up as they begin the school year.

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Parents, enjoy these last remaining days of summer, and let’s lift each other up in prayer!


  1. Laurie Hampton on August 1, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Happy to join you in prayer for your son and all other students facing a different landscape for school than anyone could have anticipated. God is good all the time.

    • Missy Eversole on August 2, 2020 at 10:36 am

      Thank you for your prayers, Laurie! While we live in these unprecedented times, you are correct – God is good all the time! Blessings to you today!

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