Soul Care for the Holidays

Soul Care

How are you caring for your soul these days?

Please take a moment to stop and think about this question. For the past eight months (why does it feel longer than eight months?!?!), we have been living with uncertainty, extreme stress, and anxiety.

Physically, we are exhausted, and our bodies crave sleep.

Mentally, the stress of what has happened or what may happen can lead us to worry and fear.

Spiritually, the online church services, while convenient, have left our souls craving for the Word and more fellowship.

The Honest Truth

Truth be told, I’ve experienced each one of those as described, and so has each member of my family.

Due to the pandemic, our oldest son hasn’t had a break since the first day of his college classes. While we are grateful that he could attend in-person classes, he’s physically and mentally drained. On the upside, he continues to grow spiritually. He’s been attending a wonderful church in Waco and is part of a small group.

Hunting is a source of rest for our youngest son. His small high school had a COVID outbreak, and they are online for this week. He is fine, but the stress of possibly being put in quarantine wore on him. He was scheduled to have an out-patient procedure on Friday, but after much talk and prayer, we rescheduled it until after school gets out. His main concern? What if he’s exposed to COVID at the hospital?

My husband is able to work from home and alone in his office, but the worry over his elderly parents and us contracting this virus has mentally strained him.

And me?  I’ve said “yes” to things when I should have said “no.” This caused additional stress to meet my writing deadlines. For the sake of my mental and physical well being, I can’t afford to do that anymore.

Soul Care for the Holidays

Caring for Your Soul During the Holidays

We’ve established that we need to care for our soul, but how do we do this?

Here are Six Things to Do to Care for Your Soul During the Holidays:

  1. Let some annual holiday traditions go.  It’s ok to do this! If one of your annual traditions is baking Christmas goodies, but the thought of doing it this year is causing stress, it’s ok to skip that tradition this year. I did this a few years ago, and it’s brought much relief to my family and me because they don’t have to see me stressing out over burnt cookies.
  2. Say no! If you are asked to do something, and it will cause additional stress to your life and calendar, say, “no.” I know that this is easier said than done, but I’ve come to learn that my health and well-being need to come first over anything else. Saying, “Yes, I can do that!” will now be replaced by, “No, I cannot do that at this time.” No further explanation needs to be given.
  3. Laugh… a lot! As the old saying goes, “laughter is good for the soul.” Sometimes having a good belly laugh is all that it takes for a mood shift. Binge your favorite comedy show or movie. Visit with family and friends. Do what you need to do to laugh until the tears are streaming down your face!
  4. Take a nap! I remember when my boys were toddlers and how they fought naptime. Exhaustion eventually won out. The same thing can be said for us, friend. Exhaustion will eventually win, so enjoy a good nap. It’s refreshing, and your body and soul will thank you for it!
  5. Watch “The Chosen.” It’s the one true show that I watch over and over. Based on the life of Christ and His apostles. It’s a game-changer! If you haven’t downloaded the app to your phone, do it today!
  6. Sit at the feet of Jesus. I’ve saved the best for last! Turn to Jesus and cast all of your cares and anxieties on Him. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30. 

What can you do today to rest your soul?

Reading the Gospel of Luke through December

Nothing feeds your soul as much as reading the Word. Beginning on December 1, start reading the Gospel of Luke. It’s twenty-four chapters long, and if you read it daily, by December 24th, you would have read about the life of our Savior. From His humble beginnings to His ministry to His death and resurrection, Luke gives a wonderful account of the life of Christ. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I want to thank you, my loyal blog readers. Hug, prayers, and blessings to you all!


November is here, and it’s time to reflect on the blessings the Lord has given us throughout 2020. Yes, despite what this year has brought us, we can still count our blessings. Click here to download this resource.

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