Sing Praises to the Lord – Psalm 7:17

Sing Praises to the Lord – Psalm 7:17

Happy Friday!

We are experiencing our first measurable snowfall of the season! It’s absolutely beautiful out! I have a love/dislike relationship with snow. I love how the gently falling snow covers the dull-colored landscape. I dislike driving in it and  I really dislike that my 16-year-old son has to drive in it!

A Birthday Celebration

We celebrated a birthday this week! Our youngest son turned 15 on Wednesday. I’ve said it previously, and I will repeat it, life is moving too fast!

Then – Our chunky-cheeked, 8lb 80zs, a bundle of joy son!



Now – Our 6’2″, grew into those chunky-cheeks, still a bundle of joy son! 


I should note that my younger son is the official selfie-taker of the family. With his arm length, he can get all for of us in a photo!

A Month of Thankfulness

We are down to less than two weeks until Thanksgiving! While I am looking to spending time with my family, I am looking forward to just relaxing and catching my breath, and reflect on how the Lord has grown us throughout the year. By drawing us closer to Him, we can have a greater appreciation for the work He does through us.


Have a wonderful weekend! Take time to rest and enjoy what the Lord is doing through you!



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