Reading and Studying the Bible is a Spiritual Discipline

A few weeks ago, we had a major catastrophe occur in our house.

Our Keurig broke.

In bewilderment and panic, my son and I tried to figure out what to do. We need our coffee!

Seriously, our life cannot function without our coffee!

That sounds a tad bit dramatic.

In reality, we actually can live without coffee. If we miss our daily coffee intake, what is the worse that can happen? We may get a headache and become unbearable to those around us, but it’s not the end of the world.

As usual, the Lord used this situation as a learning experience and confirmed the little nudges of truth that He had been feeding me for the past few weeks.

“You think that you need coffee to get through the day; what you really need is more of the Word to get you through the day.”

We Have Immediate Access to the Bible

I’ve actually pondered over this for a few weeks. I sometimes struggle with where to begin when reading the Bible on my own. Yes, I do my daily Bible study and read the verses required, but sitting down on my own accord is hard. I’ve got the time and the resources, and the pushing of the Holy Spirit (note, I said pushing and not nudging!), so why is it hard for me to sit down and actually read the Word?

In “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life,” author Donald S. Whitney describes a time when on a mission trip, he and his team encountered a church eager to learn more of the Word. No one, not the minister, the deacons, or the congregation, had a Bible. The minister would preach by memory a few sermons that he had heard over time. Whitney and his team pooled together money to buy inexpensive Bibles for the congregation.

On page 22, Whitney writes, “Most of us shake our heads in pity at such sad conditions. Fact is, however, that many of us have more Bibles in our homes than entire churches have in some impoverished or isolated parts of the world. But it’s one thing to be unfamiliar with Scripture when you don’t own a Bible, it’s another when you have a bookshelf full. (emphasis added)”


Double ouch.

As I glance at my bookshelf, I have numerous Bibles in various translations, and when I am away from home, I have a Bible app on my phone. I have immediate access to the Word of God and realize that I need to utilize my resources and time better.

Can you relate to this? Maybe you have felt the Holy Spirit nudging you to start reading the Bible, and you want to, but you have no idea where to begin.

A quick search on Pinterest and you will see various ways to read and study the Word. Here’s the thing, there is no right or wrong way to study the Word.  Over the next few weeks, we will be going over some of the ways to study the Word, and then you can prayerfully decide which method is the best method for you.

As Christ-Followers, Let’s Commit to Studying the Word

Will you join me in studying the Word? Now more than ever, we need Christ-followers to come together and study the Word. Commit time each day to read your Bible. If the thought of trying to figure out the best time for you is a little stressful, maybe you can use the time that you normally scan your social media apps and read the Word instead. Or perhaps, you can get up a few minutes ahead of your normal time and read a few verses. It doesn’t matter when you read, just read!

Praying for you all as we take up our Bibles and begin to know God more!

Resources to Download

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