Pray Boldly for Your Children’s Faith – 1 Timothy 4:12

Pray Boldly for Your Children’s Faith

A Verse to Pray for Your Child

This week is homecoming week for our high schoolers. It has been fun to see them decorating their class halls, dressing up in different themes, and just having a good time! The homecoming banquet and after-party are tomorrow, so you can bet that I will be posting some images of Grant and Connor. The fact that I survived clothes shopping with them is cause for a celebration!

Bold Faith

Our youngest son, Connor, has always been bold in his faith. I remember one Thanksgiving break when we were visiting with my family, and the subject of Jesus came up. It’s important to note; I have family members who are non-believers.

Connor was eating some leftover turkey and between bites, simply said, “Love Jesus, you go to heaven.  If you don’t love Jesus, you go to a bad place!” Oh to have bold faith, like a child! My sweet, stubborn, strong-willed, then five-year-old child, got right to the point!

Silence filled the room, and Connor just continued to eat his turkey, oblivious to the fact that he had caused some strife among us.

“Are you going to let him say that?” I was questioned.

“Yes, I am!” to which I replied.

I want my children to be bold in their faith. I want them to be the light in this dark world for Christ.

I pray this verse for both of my sons and the Christian youth of today.

I encourage and challenge you to pray boldly for your child’s faith. Pray that they will stay grounded in Jesus. Pray that they will lead others to Him!

As always, please email me with any prayer requests! I would love to pray for you!

Have a blessed, relax weekend!


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