Five Ways to Focus on Jesus When Your Life is Stormy

Summer weather in the midwest can change in an instant. One minute, it’s hot and humid; the next minute, there is a thunderstorm rolling through. Life is unpredictable too. Thankfully, we can focus on Jesus to get us through our storms.

Life is Unpredictable

Much like a thunderstorm that causes chaos, certain situations in life can cause upheaval. For example, an illness, loss of a job, or a wayward family member can shake your faith up.

In John 16, Jesus was preparing His disciples for the hour that was to come. Betrayed by Judas, one of their own, He would be arrested, tried, and nailed to the cross. As if that wasn’t enough, Jesus told them He would be leaving them. Their Teacher, the One who they followed faithfully, was going to give them eternal life and in a way no one imagined.

“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.”

In studying this scripture, I couldn’t help to notice that it doesn’t say, “In this world, you may have trouble…” It specifically says, “you will have trouble.” The reality is that we live in a sin-fallen world, and trouble will happen.


Focus on Jesus


So, what can we do? We can focus on our troubles – and oftentimes we do, or we can shift our thoughts to Jesus.

But how?

Here are Five Ways to Focus on Jesus When Life is Stormy

  1. Spend some quiet time with Him. More often than not, you will have some sleepless nights (hello, 3:00 AM!); use this time just to let the Holy Spirit speak to you.
  2. Pray. This seems obvious, but there may be times that praying is hard because you don’t understand why you are in the season that you are in. Prayer doesn’t have to be formal. Talk to Jesus like you would talk to your husband or best friend. He’s your best friend, and He is there for you. Embrace Him!
  3. Read the Word. Grab your Bible and open up to the Book of Psalms. It is full of worship, praise, and reassurance that the Lord is with us.
  4. Armor Up” In the midst of a storm, the enemy will try to gain a foothold on you. Do not let him. Put on your belt of truth, your breastplate of righteousness, and shoes of peace. Take hold of your shield of faith, put on your helmet of salvation, and grab your sword of the Spirit! This armor is the Lord’s armor, so put it on daily!
  5. Listen to Worship Music. Whether you have your headphones on or listening to it out loud, turn up the praise music. You can even sing if you would like to. Music has a way of making you feel better, and praise and worship music directs us to focus on Jesus.

Having a Bad Day? You Can Still Practice Focusing on Jesus!

A few weeks ago, I scheduled a full writing day. Knowing that my focus would be on Jesus, the enemy tried his very best to throw me off my game. Fear of doubt and failure filled my mind, and I knew what I needed to do. I got up from my desk, grabbed my walking shoes, and went outside for a much needed walk. The sun, the Savior, and worship music are exactly what I needed to refocus and redirect my thoughts.

I recorded my thoughts on my Facebook page, and you can view it here.

Always remember, friends, Jesus is the One who will get us through our toughest times. Focus on Him daily and watch Him work!

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  1. […] Five Ways to Focus on Jesus When Your Life is Stormy […]

    • James Short on May 10, 2024 at 8:26 pm

      The world is constantly changing,
      yet, the crowded avenue’s
      remain the same.
      Our children, who’s future
      is in jeopardy,
      yet we point our hypocritical finger
      at who’s to blame.
      Clouds of sadness, seem to
      surround us, and blind hatred
      is the plateau that some have reached.
      Our hearts need the oil of salvation,
      to soften up, so that our spirit can breathe.
      by: J Short.

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