38 –  Finding Strength in Jesus Amid Life’s Challenges with Laurie Devernoe

38 – Finding Strength in Jesus Amid Life’s Challenges with Laurie Devernoe

Have you ever been in a situation where faith was the only thing that helped you get through a challenging journey you were on?

In this episode of Bold Faith now, Missy sits down with Laurie Devernoe, author of Seeing Through the Darkness: The Incredible Story of How Losing My Sight Taught Me to See, to discuss the depths of sustaining faith through life’s most challenging moments.

Laurie shares heartfelt stories, including her personal experiences with medical crises and how the unwavering support of her community and her unyielding faith have been her pillars. Their conversation unpacks the concept of being warriors on the ground for each other and finding hope and strength in Christ, a testament to the power of community and faith.

Some of the highlights from the episode:

  1. Laurie discusses how her recent book emphasizes the role of Christians as warriors who protect and support one another in the body of Christ.
  2. During COVID, Laurie’s daughter created a piece of music that not only inspired many but also served as a powerful testament to how faith can transform suffering into something meaningful, igniting a spark of hope in the darkest of times.
  3. Physical ailments often expose mental anxieties, and our faith journeys teach us that God doesn’t owe us anything but gives us everything. Laurie and Missy encourage listeners to embrace this love and serve others boldly for Jesus.

Are you feeling inspired by Laurie’s journey? Take a moment to reflect on your own faith journey.  Are there areas in your life where you can be a warrior for someone else? 

Remember, live boldly for Jesus, and let your light shine bright for Him! 

Laurie’s book, “Seeing Through the Darkness: The Incredible Story of How Losing My Sight Taught Me to See,” is available on Amazon. 

 Connect with Laurie:

Website: Laurie Devernoe, Coffee House Parenting

Facebook: Coffeehouse Parenting

Instagram: Coffeehouse Parenting 

Connect with Missy:

Website: Missy Eversole

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