34 – Unwavering Faith Through Tragedy with Sandra Julian Barker

34 – Unwavering Faith Through Tragedy with Sandra Julian Barker

How can our faith in Jesus help us navigate through the darkest of tragedies and inspire us to serve others with love and compassion?

In Episode 34 of the Bold Faith Now podcast, my guest Sandra Julian Barker shares her powerful story of facing a sudden and tragic loss in her family. Despite the heartbreaking events, Sandra’s unwavering faith in God’s grace and purpose not only shines through but also inspires. Discover how she found peace and strength in the face of unimaginable circumstances and how God’s guidance led her toward serving others in unexpected ways.

Some highlights from the episode:

1. Sandra candidly shares her family’s heartbreaking experience of sudden loss and the miraculous intervention that followed.

2. Learn how Sandra’s faith journey led her to step into jail ministry, sharing the love of Jesus with incarcerated women and finding purpose in unexpected places.

3. Explore Sandra’s latest book release, “The Rapture: The Day that Changes the World Forever,” as we discuss the significance of end-time prophecy and the hope it brings.

As you listen to Sandra’s story, reflect on how you can live boldly for Jesus in your own life. Consider what steps you can take to deepen your faith, serve others with love and compassion, and boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel in your sphere of influence. 

Sandra’s recent release, “The Rapture: The Day that Changes the World Forever,” is available on Amazon. 

Remember, live boldly for Jesus, and let your light shine bright for Him! 


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