17 Trusting God’s Voice: Faith over Fear with Dani Pettrey

17 Trusting God’s Voice: Faith over Fear with Dani Pettrey

We often hear the words “faith over fear,” but exactly does that mean? 

Join Missy Eversole and her guest, Dani Pettrey, best-selling fiction author, as they discuss her faith over fear story and how trusting in God has helped her in her writing career and life.

In this episode, Missy and Dani share:

  • What it means to trust God’s voice.

  • How Dani became a Christ-follower and lives boldly for Him through her writing.

  • A synopsis of her new book, One Wrong Move.

Remember, live boldly for Jesus, and let your light shine bright for Him! 


Connect with Dani:

Website: Dani Pettrey

Dani’s new book One Wrong Move (Affiliate Link)


Connect with Missy:

Website: http://www.missyeversole.com

Facebook: MissyEversoleAuthor

Instagram: missyeversole_author

Download two chapters of my book: “Transformed, Not Conformed: Embracing a Life-Changing Approach to Spiritual Habits.”  www.missyeversole.com

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Disclaimer: The views expressed by podcast guests may not align with my own Christian beliefs. While I strive to provide a platform for diverse perspectives and open conversations, it’s important to acknowledge that I may not personally endorse or share the same religious beliefs as my guests. Listeners should approach the content with an understanding that different perspectives and beliefs are presented for the purpose of fostering dialogue and understanding.

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