2 Timothy 1:7

Lukewarm vs White-Hot

Over the past month, I have shared my testimony and wrote about the people who have played a significant part in my walk with Christ. I always call myself a late-bloomer when describing this faith journey that I am on. While I was baptized at the age of 29, my faith journey did not take off as it should have.

Lukewarm Christian

Yes, I committed my life to Christ, and I longed to be the “perfect Christian,” but the truth was I was a lukewarm Christian for many years.

We were in the church pew every Sunday morning, participated in Sunday school, and I was signed up for ladies events and Bible Study. I walked the walk but didn’t talk the talk.

Life got busy after the boys were born, and I continued to try and live the perfect Christian life. It was all for show. I would read the Bible to complete the daily Bible study to show others that I had it together.

Life was moving quickly, and before I knew it the boys were in school, and I was still going through the same lukewarm routine. I needed a change, and I needed one desperately. My soul was thirsting for the fresh Word that only the Lord can provide.

Radical Change

This will seem cliche’ to say, but I literally woke up one morning, five years ago and I knew I needed a change. The craziness of the morning rush, tempers flaring and shouting, were all caused by me.

That’s when I made the change. I knew I needed to start by getting up before anyone else and have some quiet time with the Lord. At the time, everyone was waking up by 7:00. So, 6:00 am it was!

I set for myself that allotted time because I knew that I would hit the snooze button a few times!

That was the change that I needed.

As I grew more in Christ, I started to get rid of things that were not honoring to Him. TV shows, music, and activities went out the door. Words of the Bible, Christian music and positive family shows filled in the gap. The burden that I carried as a lukewarm Christian had been lifted off my shoulders.

Am I a perfect Christian? Not at all and I never will be. However, eliminating the things that were weighing me down started a white-hot fire for the Lord.

Are you showing signs of lukewarmness? No matter what age you are, you can become on fire for the Lord. Seek guidance from the Lord on the areas that you need to eliminate and make a conscious effort to change. You can do this!


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