What is Stealing Your Joy?

At the end of February, with the encouragement of my husband and a big shove from the Holy Spirit, I applied to be part of the Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Bible Studies (OBS) team. P31 has been an integral part of my walk in Christ for many years, beginning with the First 5 app. The deeper I dug into the Word, the more I craved it! Last fall, the OBS was studying “Breathe” by Priscilla Shirer, and I signed up immediately.

After going through a few studies, P31 announced that they had some openings available on the OBS team. After a few days of prayer, encouragement, and spiritual shoving, I applied.

The application was thorough.

And long.

Very long.

And I thought that I wasn’t qualified or even worthy to be on this team. The image of a group of women sitting around a table looking over my application and laughing hysterically at it kept creeping into my mind.

The joy of applying quickly turned into self-doubt.

Exactly what the enemy wanted me to think and feel. I latched onto that self-doubt hook, line and sinker.

But God…

God had a plan.

One evening, in late April, I got an email from P31. My application had been selected for the volunteer position of a small group leader. Their selection process was a four-step process with writing submissions, a phone interview, and two online classes. Intense for sure, but I had made it past the first round, giving me the confidence that I needed to continue with the application process.

My confidence in myself and complete reliance on the Lord are what brought me to where I am today – a Volunteer OBS small group leader with P31.

God had a plan; I just needed to hand my self-doubt over to Him.

The enemy was seeking to steal my joy in leading other women to the Word by filling my head with self-doubt.

What is Stealing Your Joy?

Yesterday, the P31 OBS began the study of Wendy Blight’s book, “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner – The Transforming Power of God’s Story,” and I am leading my first small group. I am so humbled and honored to be doing this!

Our memory verse for this week comes from Ezekiel 36:26:


Before Christ in my life, my old heart was filled with hurt and despair, loneliness, bitterness, and self-doubt. I craved to be a part of something enjoyable and fulfilling. The path that I was on was one that could have lead to down a road of self-harm.

But God replaced my heart with a new one. His Word brought me out of the depths of despair and brought me joy – hidden joy!

Yes, self-doubt still creeps into my mind. Even if I hadn’t been accepted to become a small group leader, I did what I was prompted to do: I applied. I listened to the Lord, and that’s all that matters!

The Lord is equipping me to further His kingdom, and He is equipping you to do the same.

So my question for you is this: “What is stealing your joy?

Is it self-doubt? Your past? Your current situation? Other people? Anxiety?

The list could go on and on.

It’s time to hand your old heart over to the Lord. It’s time for a new heart and a new spirit.

Let go and let God do His work because He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you!

Now, run, and get your new heart!


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