We Comfort Our Children, as the Lord Comforts Us

May is officially here.

This was supposed to be the month of celebrations and graduation parties.

I knew this month would be hard, but I didn’t realize just how hard.

Celebrations Will Happen!

Over the weekend, my husband and I headed to five different stores in search of the perfect chairs to put on our front porch. Our last stop was Target. I hadn’t been to Target in two months. Target is my “go-to” store to browse and take my time to shop. I never go there with Craig, and yet here I was. I love my husband, but I can’t browse this store with him. He’s impatient. Very impatient!

I found the chairs that I liked, and we headed to check out. Craig has short legs, and they are fast. No matter where we are walking, he’s always a few steps ahead of me. When we are out shopping, something always catches my eye, and I often veer off down an aisle to inspect it. More often than not, Craig has no idea that I am not behind him and continues to walk on. Only when he gets to the check-out lanes, does he discover, I am not with him.

During this particular Target run, the same thing happened. Only this time, the item that caught my attention brought me to tears.

They were “The Class of 2020” decorations.

There in the middle of Target, my eyes welled up with tears. I had not bought one single item for Grant’s graduation party, because I don’t know when that date will be.

Notice I said, when and not if.

So, I bought those decorations, and I proudly walked up to Craig and said, “We are going to celebrate!”

Even if we celebrate it the day before he leaves for Baylor, we will have a celebration!

Finding Comfort

In these unprecedented times, as our children rely on us for comfort, we need to rely on the Lord for comfort.

Being a mom to boys is one of my joys in life. There is just a special bond between a mom and her sons that cannot be described. The joy of hanging out with my boys these last few weeks is something that I will never forget.

But here is the thing about boys, they talk when they want to talk. If they need comfort, they will come to me in their own time. I know my boys, and when they are upset, they tend to shut down (hmm, I wonder where they get that from!) When this happens, I just simply say, “I’m here when you are ready to talk.”

Most of the time, after my boys have processed things on their own, they will come and talk to me. I wish I could say that it’s always been like this, but it’s taking me a few years of getting this parenting thing down pat.

In this pandemic, remember that the Lord is here for you and is ready for you to talk to Him! Find comfort in Him. Lean on Him and watch Him work in your life!


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