Today Let’s Rejoice, Be Patient and Be Constant!

It’s day 3,198 of our shelter-in-place.

Ok, it’s not, but it feels like it!

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster these last few days.

The governor extended our shelter-in-place for another month. My sons are missing their classmates and are ready to be done with e-learning, and I am done with the same routine over and over.

I’m tired of seeing the “experts” voice their opinions. No one can agree on anything, and everyone thinks that they are in control of the situation.

Here’s a hint: they are not.

There is only One who is in control, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that.

Nothing is Going as Planned

Last week would have been show week for Grant. After watching my son perform for three and a half years, the stage was dark last week. Saturday night should have been Senior night; instead, Grant was at work.

I’m tired of putting on a brave face and saying that “I’m ok!” I’m not ok, but who really is?

My children are missing some important milestones, and they are grieving them. I am grieving with them.

Sermon after sermon, blog post after blog post, the message is the same; God is in control. Yes, He is, however, as the days and weeks drag on, it’s hard to see this.

Rejoice, Be Patient and Be Constant

Yesterday morning, I found a post-it note on my desk with Romans 12:12 handwritten on it. I have no idea how long it has been there, nor do I remember writing it out. Clearly, the Lord brought it front and center for me to see.


Roman 12:12, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

We have hope. Our situation is not permanent. We will not be quarantined in our homes forever. I keep telling myself that “this to shall pass.” There are times when it’s easier to type that instead of actually believing it, though!

Be patient in tribulation. Again, at times, it’s easier to type that phrase, instead of actually doing it. I’ve said numerous times that I am not a patient person, but in times like these, I have to be! While we are all going through quarantine, each one of us is dealing with it differently. I decided that late last week that I needed to get more physical. Walking over 10,000 was easy before COVID-19 hit, this morning my watch told me that I hadn’t hit my goal at all last week. Ouch! So, I’ve decided to walk more, and I’m dragging my family with me!

Be constant in prayer. Lack-lustered is what you can call my prayer and spiritual life now. I repeat the same prayers and questions over and over. I need a revival in my spiritual life, so yesterday, I began taking the approach to inductive Bible study. No more reading through scripture like it’ a race. It may take me a month to read one of the Gospels, but I am now going to be intentional and read the Word slowly. By doing this, I am reigniting my prayer life.

How Are You Doing?

How are you really doing through all this?

It’s ok to say that you are struggling. There seems to be a stigma within the Christian community that our lives need to be wrapped up with a pretty bow that signifies that we wholeheartedly believe that God’s got this and that we will never question Him.

Guess what? We are human and fragile. Life is hard, and our lives aren’t wrapped up with a bow.

If you are struggling, please know that you are not the only one. I encourage you to have hope, be patient, and pray. We are all in this together!

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