Do You Trust God?

Do you trust God?

Seriously, do you trust God?

I know that is a weird question to start this blog post off with, but it’s a question that I have been struggling with.

Because I have realized that there are times when I don’t trust God.

Let Go and Let God

The phrase “let go and let God” is often said in times of stress and upheaval in our lives.

But what does that even mean?

After praying over it and chatting with the Lord, I realized that I need to let go of my expectation of what I believe the outcome should be and let God do His thing. He already has my life in His hands. He knows my prayers, and I just need to trust Him!

I believe, in some cases, letting go of control is more complicated than trusting God.

Trustworthy: Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God

The Lord knew that I struggled with releasing control and trusting Him (because He’s God and knows everything!), so He brought the perfect Bible study for me to dig into.

I am a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies small group leader, and we are currently working through Lysa TerKeurst’s new study, “Trustworthy – Overcoming Our Greatest Struggles to Trust God.” It’s a study of 1 & 2 Kings. I will be honest with you; those two books of the Bible are often the ones that I skim over, deeming them to be irrelevant to my life today.

I was wrong.

Wow, has the Lord opened my eyes to my trustworthy issues towards Him!

Idols, high places, and anything else preventing the worship of the one true God are deemed ‘untrustworthy.’

And even though I don’t have a literal idol that I walk up to and bow to, I do have one which I hold in my hand daily – my phone.

Anything that we give our full attention to, over the Lord, is considered an idol.

There have been countless times when I have misplaced my phone and frantically tore the house apart looking for it, only to breathe a sigh of relief when it’s been found. If I lost my Bible, would I feel the same way?

That’s food for thought!

My Challenge to You

Let’s go back to the question that I asked at the beginning of this blog post.

Do you trust God?

If this question has you squirming, as it did for me, you have some trust issues.

I encourage you to start tearing down your idols and high places and release all control over to Him.

He’s waiting with open arms to embrace you.

Just like He has done with me!


  1. Elizabeth on January 29, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    Beautifully written, friend. Thank you for sharing your heart so vulnerably.

    • Missy Eversole on February 2, 2020 at 2:42 pm

      Thank you, Elizabeth! I treasure your comments!

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