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Be Still and Know – Psalm 46:10

Be Still and Know

I am sure that you have seen the popular verse of Psalm 46:10 on t-shirts, pens, and Bible covers. If an item can be monogrammed or decorated, this verse is on it.

It’s a comforting verse that, whether we are going through a personal hardship or a catastrophic world event, we can cling to it in our darkest times.

But what does this verse really mean?


Various commentaries theorize this verse as being set in a time when war or some other calamity gripped the Israelites. Whatever was happening, one thing is for sure; life was in disarray. While our country is not at war, living in our country today is unstable as tensions rise over differences of opinion.

Be Still

In the original language, this isn’t a gentle command. This isn’t a mother holding on to her toddler and comforting him after a fall, “Shhh… it’s going to be alright. Mommy is here for you.”

“Be still” is a fierce, demanding command from the Lord. It means to release, cease striving, stop fighting. The CSB version of this verse is, “Stop your fighting and know that I am God, exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.”

In this verse, the Lord is speaking directly to you and me.

Listen – whatever is going on in our lives or around us is almost entirely out of our control! Our battle of control over a situation needs to be released over to Him.

We will not win, and will only hurt ourselves, physically and mentally. Have you ever been so engrossed in a situation that you lie awake at night, lose your appetite, or just overly obsess with what is going on? I have, and not only was I miserable, but I was also making my family miserable.

Being still is merely releasing the situation over to the Lord and learning to be silent and still.

How to Be Silent and Still

Sure, it’s easy to read that verse, but implementing it in our lives is an entirely different thing. It’s an action, and that action is hard to do at times.

Remember this and take refuge in our God. Get to know Him. Dig into the Word. Study the different names that He goes by. Trust God, and above all else, remember that He is God. Most importantly remember the great love that He has for us!

There is none more significant than our Lord. All gods and enemies tremble at the sound of His name.

Release all worries and fears over to Him, sweet friend! God is with us, and we need to be still and know Him!

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